Thaksin University

Philosophy :

Intelligence and Ethics guide Development

Aspiration : 

University serves society

Visions :

Thaksin University aims to produce graduates, develop manpower,  research and academic services to serve local society, the nation and ASEAN countries to become intellectual, peaceful and sustainable societies.


Missions :

1. To provide education to produce graduates, develop quality people to meet local, and national needs within ASEAN and the global community.

2. To create and develop research work to serve and direct society including advancing the university to become a research site in the future.

3. To provide academic services and knowledge to society and thus create a strong knowledgeable society.

4. To encourage, support, maintain and develop arts, culture, wisdom and the environment of lower Southern Thailand making it valuable for local, national, and ASEAN development.

5. To develop the university universally, meaning the strengthening of expertise of individuals, cultural organizations, and pursuing happiness for personnel in every position.


Values :

Respect : seeing the values and importance to behave correctly and sincerely toward people or things

Wisdom : using wisdom to lead life so that growth can happen to oneself, one’s organization and society

Unity : mutually accomplishing a mission together

Outcome oriented : working toward achievement or the outcome of the task is important to fulfill the appointed goal

Worthiness : working efficiently and effectively for positive outcome of the organization by using appropriate resources

Social responsibility : paying attention, being reliable and participating in social development

International College

Philosophy :

Wisdom and Ethics guide sustainable society

Vision :

Be the learning organization that aims to offer International Graduate Program with the strength in research and academic services that leads to sustainable society development


Missions :

1. Manage graduate studies to conduct learning and teaching in the International level

2. To encourage research and academic services that leads to sustainable society development

3. Enhance a management system to be an International learning organization


Values :

W    Wisdom

 I     International

S     Sustainability

H     Harmony


Core competency : 

The ability to manage international post-graduate education    

Development strategies :

 1. Arrange Graduate Program to conduct learning and teaching in the International level

2. Invent research and integrated innovation that leads to sustainable society development

3. Support academic services and continuing education to transfer knowledge and develop qualitative manpower to support sustainable society development  

4. Develop management system to be a learning organization