Candidates will have appropriate degrees or demonstrate equivalence from professional experience. Coursework may be assigned in research skills, reference library use, ethics, plagiarism, intellectual property and writing.

English language, for persons whose approved prior qualifications were not undertaken in english in an english-speaking environment will be considered on the basis of tests including CULT, IELTS and TOEFL, or by interview by native english-speaking academics of the program.

Candidates transferring from other graduate programs may transfer some credits at the discretion of the program.

Among other general university and government requirements, all candidates must agree that they will publish as relevant in appropriate journals and possibly through Thaksin University Press.

A full application will include: resume of academic and professional experience; recent photograph; a copy of the details pages of passport/identification; academic transcripts; graduation certificates; two written academic references; English language test results; two page indicative research proposal; and declaration that all supplied information is accurate and that tuition fees can be guaranteed. Full tuition fees are 100,000 Thai Baht per semester for two semesters per year over an expected enrolment period of three years.