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Budgeting of a Thai Autonomous University: The Case of Thaksin University by Dr Wasan Kanchanamukda, Vice President, Thaksin University, Songkhla

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Hard copy: Thaksin University Bookshop

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This unique book analyses the bold attempts of the Thai Government to encourage State universities to move to autonomous governance and management. Systems used for universities that are similar to government departments are often inadequate for the increased responsibility of autonomy. In this book, Dr Wasan details the process of transition, including some pitfalls, over a five-year period as Thaksin University evolved to become ‘autonomous’. Including history, accounting and foreign inputs, the book provides a narrative of the policy and procedural changes needed to make autonomy work. Complemented by surveys of two other universities and users of the new procedures, the book concludes that the continuous improvement resulting from proper budgeting offers a benchmark for government universities seeking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. It is a wise book insofar as it does not claim that there is one path to follow.  Those concerned with university management, particularly in Thailand and the region, will find this is a book they keep at hand for many years.