Book from International Research:

Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar: Risk Reduction in Natural Resource Management by Dr John E. Leake

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Hard copy: Thaksin University Bookshop

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This book uses a review of recovery efforts following the Nargis cyclone in Myanmar in 2008 to build a case for taking a risk-based approach to managing our natural resource base. It is argued that while natural resource disasters like soil loss and climate change are slow onset disasters they are often much more significant than events like Nargis, and are significant risk factors themselves in the scale of sudden onset disasters like Cyclone Nargis. The book concludes that building resilience for slow or rapid onset disasters requires the same 'holistic' approach to involve the concerned community if it is to be successful. It is suggested that an approach to monitoring that looks for the key risk points for these communities, whether they be bio physical, economic or social will be a more useful approach to planning action for them than the systems in common use, based as they are on monitoring for bureaucratic paymasters.