Research is the foundation of knowledge

Research degrees are based on the creation of knowledge. In scientific and technical fields this commonly takes the form of a prolonged period of investigation collated into a prescribed format of thesis. In other disciplines, other forms are considered, such as performance or exhibition supported by an exegesis.

Topics cover all disciplines for which qualified international supervisors are available.

Research skills required for the program vary according to the discipline. The program may require a candidate to undertake a refresher course in research methodology. Other requirements include: diligence; intelligence; timely payment of tuition fees and ability to work independently, accept criticism, support oneself, and allocate the required time and energy to the task.


Examples of topics that have been accepted into Thaksin Ph.D. program include:

  • Recovery responses to cyclone devastation in Myanmar
  • Improved leather processing technologies in Thailand
  • Financial management in autonomous Thai universities
  • Ethnic distinctions and citizenship in Myanmar
  • Environmental impacts of mangrove destruction in Thailand
  • Management and governance of irrigation in Laos
  • Comparisons of Islamic and government schools in Southern Thailand
  • Developing a high resolution wind atlas for Thailand
  • Sustainable food and industrial energy production from palm oil
  • Comparison of business attitudes in Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand
  • Innovation of human resource practices in the manufacturing sector in Thailand
  • The effect of rice policies and marketing on farm income for specific rice varieties